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Who are we?

We are a bunch of young guys which want to go to Uganda and work there in this project. We come from different backgrounds:

 Lärkstadens Studiecentrum

A student residence in Stockholm


A student residence in Helsingfors

 Bugala Study Center

A student residence in Kampala

International Youth Cooperation

The arranger of the project

What are we up to?

In a poor region 80 km away from Kampala lies St. Kizito Primary School, a school with around 700 pupils received from a broad area. Many of them stay and sleep in it during weekdays because they leave far away. But there is not sufficient place for everybody in St Kizito, so many need to walk long distances back and forth from their homes every day in order to attend the lessons. To that problem a bigger one is added: unfortunately, there is a high occurrence of teenage pregnancies among girls 13 - 15 years in the surrounding villages, which impedes them to finish their primary education.
Our project consists of building a classroom for these girls by finishing an already started building. We will arrive there the 29th of June and will come back the 21th of July.

Help us out!

Each one of the volunteers will pay 10 000 kr for funding the trip, accomodation and a part of the project. But it is not enough. We need your help!

Please donate!

  • Plusgiro 174795-5 (International Youth Cooperation)
  • Bank account: 9960 2601747955
  • IBAN: SE93 9500 0099 6026 0174 7955
  • BIC-code (o SWIFT): NDEASESS

Are you an individual?

It is just not fair that those girls in Uganda don’t have the same education opportunities as us, people living in the comfortable Europe. It is amazing how the level of education and the possibility of achieving what you want in life can vary so much depending on the country in which you are born. It is not fair that many children in Uganda do not even complete their primary school education. We feel that is our responsibility to change that, since they are as human as we are. We are the ones going to Uganda to finish the building, but we need your help to make this happen. With a donation, no matter the amount, you will become a part of our project, you will change the lives of many people.

Are you a company?  

Making donations for a volunteering project like this one is the best way to show that your company truly holds some real values and your interests are greater than just earning money. You will strengthen the relationship with your employees, which will keep motivated knowing that the fruit of their work is being transformed in something worth their efforts. You will attract more customers, which will respect and admire your ideals, and will feel more confident to trade with you. We will make publicity of all our sponsors in our website and our newsletter, as well as in other media we will produce after the project is completed.

Example project: ”School Aid 2005 – Uganda”

In 2005 fifteen volunteers from Lärkstaden Studiecentrum went to Uganda to perform a similar project. They cooperated with a group of young ugandans and built a school in the island of Buvuma. Some enterprises like Ericsson and foundations like International Youth Cooperation funded the project. Since then, the school has qualified several hundred pupils, which have afterwards made steps forward their education.

Some pictures of the building right now